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A NATO Strategy for Security in the Black Sea Region

NATO faces a worsening security environment defined by Russia’s growing willingness to challenge the West and a Europe whole, free, and at peace. In this new geopolitical context the Black Sea region is one of the central friction zones between Russia and NATO. While the Alliance has recently pledged to protect its eastern flank against […]

Updating NATO’s Maritime Strategy

On the eve of the 2016 Warsaw Summit, NATO faces a new and challenging security environment dominated by a revanchist Russia increasingly willing to challenge the West and turbulence and violence across the Mediterranean’s southern rim. In this new security environment, the maritime domains around Europe are potential friction zones and where these challenges increasingly […]

Restoring the Power and Purpose of the NATO Alliance

As NATO leaders prepare to meet in Warsaw this July, the Alliance faces the greatest threats to peace and security in Europe since the end of the Cold War. The most pressing, fundamental challenges include a revanchist Russia, eroding stability in the greater Middle East, a weakened European Union, and uncertain American and European leadership. […]

Countering Russian Aggression in Eastern Europe

The past decade has witnessed a marked increase in Russian aggression and assertiveness. Many Eastern European nations, the Baltic States in particular, have recognized this disturbing and fundamental change in the European security environment and are responding both nationally and multilaterally. In “Countering Russian Aggression in Eastern Europe,” Jonathan P. Dunne, the Scowcroft Center’s US […]

NATO in an Era of Global Competition

As NATO winds down its combat operation in Afghanistan, the Alliance faces the most strategically constraining and competitive security environment since the end of the Cold War. The rise of Asia, changing demographics, disruptive technologies, the shale gas revolution, and an uncertain US leadership role in the world will all significantly impact NATO’s future trajectory.

The Naval Alliance: Preparing NATO for a Maritime Century

For more than a decade, NATO has been engaged in expeditionary ground-centric operations that have shaped the strategic thinking, capabilities, and planning of the Alliance and its members. But moving forward, NATO must also consider its role in the global maritime domain as it relates to transatlantic security and interests, as well as NATO operations.

Cyber, Extended Deterrence, and NATO

Over the last decade, cyber threats have continued to advance in both depth and breadth with the expansion of exploitation, disruption, and destruction activities. In warfighting, as demonstrated in conflicts in Crimea, Syria, and Iraq, cyber capabilities are increasingly being integrated as part of adversarial attack strategies. Cyber vulnerabilities are one of NATO’s and its […]

Alliance at Risk: Strengthening European Defense in an Age of Turbulence and Competition

Despite Russian aggression in Ukraine and growing threats along NATO’s southern flank, many European allies find it difficult to increase their defense capabilities and meet the commitments they made at the Wales Summit. To address this important challenge, the Atlantic Council produced its Alliance at Risk report, which draws together noted experts and former senior […]