The Building Blocks of Security

The Building Blocks of Security

From the first glance my picture may look too childish to be somehow connected with NATO. However, I believe that one may find reflections of the most serious things in most unexpected places. While I was taking care of and playing with my young nephew, I had a sudden and interesting realization about this simple wall of Lego bricks. I realized that each piece in the wall represents different country because it has different size and different character. Also, just like countries, while being separate, these bricks do not create anything that can keep them or others safe. However, when stacked together in a wall, they become a unique and equally important part of a strong structure, which helps them to protect themselves and to protect each other. However, if NATO is a Lego brick wall, then who are its builders? I think, just like my 3 year old nephew and me, the builders of this structure are every person young and old, who care about their country and world security, who are not afraid to stand up against atrocities and demonstrate by their own example how to build and preserve, not to destroy or betray. This is how I imagine NATO.


  • Kristina Rutalyte

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    Kristina Rutalye is currently a pursuing her Master‘s in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Institute of Politics and International Relations at Vilnius University, where she completed her Bachelor‘s Degree in Political Science in 2015. Her studies have enriched her backround and understanding not only in politics and international relations but also in various fields like economics, European Union studies, law, and sociology.