Conquering Challenges

Conquering Challenges

This photograph is of the Commando Memorial in Scotland and pays tribute to the men who trained there during WWII. My grandfather took part in this grueling new programme to aid in the liberation of his country from Nazi occupation. I strongly admire his vigorous effort in the volatile conditions of the Scottish Highlands, and remain thankful to the Alliance and the sacrifices they made to free Europe. “United we Conquer” could not have been achieved otherwise. To me, NATO means THE FUTURE. We are shifting to an increasingly multipolar world where current and emerging powers are claiming their place on the international stage. Looking at the Grand Strategic Trends, we will face great challenges in the demographic, environmental, economic, and technological domains. Additionally the security environment is faced with complex, multi-layered issues in a progressively dynamic and fast changing world. These circumstances will bring new and groundbreaking challenges, and they can only be conquered through strong alliances. NATO represents this to me. It has the unique potential to secure Western (and others’) security through the strength of the deep, underlying bond between the member countries. It transcends the superficial differences that so easily divide, and allies us through shared values, beliefs, history, and culture. I believe in the solidarity and endurance of this bond, its potential, and its critical role in safeguarding our future security. “United we Conquer” still rings true.


  • Lianne de Vries

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    Lianne is a board member for the Dutch Atlantic Youth and participates in a youth think tank from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She enjoys travelling (having also lived in the United States, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom), kickboxing, reading, and writing.