A Commitment for the Future

A Commitment for the Future

NATO is much more than just a simple organisation of countries; it is a commitment to defend common values, human rights, democracy, and individual liberty for which our ancestors fought. The picture describes a secure and peaceful Poland after years of devastation under the communist regime and WWII. The Alliance represents the security of the transatlantic community which is felt among the member states of NATO. It is also peace. The trust element of NATO reinforces the establishment of peace. Indeed, one of the earliest and ultimate purposes was, and still is, a just and long-lasting peaceful order in the transatlantic sphere through sufficient military strength and political solidarity. It is also process of growth. By working closely together to provide mutual defence of our shared values, nations can share ideas, technology and trusting relations with one another. Those factors can create a progress that will assure the Alliance a place in history and bring a secure future, preventing atrocities from the past. Commitment to defence, security, trust, peace, and progress are all symbols of NATO that I believe embody the organisation’s principles and spirit. Confidence in the future is instilled by the prosperity and unity promised by this transatlantic bond.


  • Mateusz Krupczynski

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    Mateusz Krupczyński is currently working as a Specialist at Analysis Division at the National Center for Strategic Studies in Warsaw. Previously he served as an advisor of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Poland.