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A NATO Strategy for Security in the Black Sea Region

NATO faces a worsening security environment defined by Russia’s growing willingness to challenge the West and a Europe whole, free, and at peace. In this new geopolitical context the Black Sea region is one of the central friction zones between Russia and NATO. While the Alliance has recently pledged to protect its eastern flank against […]

Countering Russian Aggression in Eastern Europe

The past decade has witnessed a marked increase in Russian aggression and assertiveness. Many Eastern European nations, the Baltic States in particular, have recognized this disturbing and fundamental change in the European security environment and are responding both nationally and multilaterally. In “Countering Russian Aggression in Eastern Europe,” Jonathan P. Dunne, the Scowcroft Center’s US […]

NATO’s Next Consortium: Maritime Patrol Aircraft

The two major drivers of Europe’s newly insecure strategic environment both have reflections in the maritime domain: Russia’s military assertiveness is often expressed above, on, or under the sea; and the instability of the Middle East and North Africa spreads turbulence and disorder around the Mediterranean’s southern rim. In “NATO’s Next Consortium: Maritime Patrol Aircraft,” […]

How Ukraine Can Contribute to NATO’s Forward Defense

Toward that end, Alliance military authorities have been tasked to develop plans for the deployment of multinational units, possibly battalions or brigades, that will be deployed on a persistent basis along NATO’s eastern frontier. NATO heads of state are expected to approve these plans at a summit meeting in Warsaw this July.